Service Commitment

We are passionate about providing exemplary service. We use every resource at our disposal to deliver customized wealth and estate planning, lifestyle and concierge, and wealth advice and consultations.

We strive to provide a family office experience that supports existing, and anticipates potential family financial needs.

Wealth Advisory

Our team develops comprehensive financial strategies and investment portfolios that align with clients’ values, tolerances and long-term objectives. We work with families to develop custom, goals-based financial plans that coordinate and emphasize key needs with wealth preservation tactics.

Wealth & Estate Planning

Our services are tailored to our clients’ needs and designed to support prosperity and security. We integrate asset protection, wealth transfer and philanthropic objectives into each client’s personalized strategy.
We know success and prosperity can come with unanticipated, complex and uncommon financial issues. We focus on optimizing our clients’ wealth to meet their current needs while preserving their legacy to help them realize their long-term dreams. Service details include:

• Stock Option and Restricted Stock Planning
• Education Planning/College Funding
• Liquidity Management
• Yacht and Aircraft Financing

We work with clients and their families to create wealth transfer strategies designed to preserve family values and educate the next generation on financial and investment best practices. As part of our comprehensive approach, we place an emphasis on tax and insurance planning. Service details include:

• Estate Overview
• Attorney Coordination
• Trust Services
• Tax Planning
• Life Insurance Consulting

We design retirement strategies with an emphasis on income distribution needs, long-term goals, tax management, and charitable giving. Additionally, we assess the impact that a business transaction or event would have on a client’s overall retirement picture and income needs. Service details include:

• Social Security and Medicare Evaluation
• Business Succession
• Cash Flow Planning
• Withdrawal Strategy

From growth and cash management, to valuation and exit strategies, we specialize in supporting small business owners and family-owned companies. Service details include:

• Cash Management Services
• Investment Banking
• Business Valuation
• Succession Planning
• Retirement Plans

Our team works with clients to discern, assess and help mitigate risk with the appropriate insurance, as well as health and business risk strategies. Service details include:

• Property, Casualty and Liability Review
• Long-term Care
• Structuring and Entity Formations
• Key Man and Business Insurance


We build and manage diversified, tax-efficient portfolios focused on minimizing risk while maximizing yield. Additionally, we work with clients to identify areas of investment opportunity, provide ongoing monitoring of investments, and reallocate assets as appropriate.


We help clients assess their wealth and long term goals to determine efficient, flexible strategies focused on growth and preservation. We also develop income strategies that fulfill clients’ current income needs while supporting projected cash flow requirements.

Lifestyle & Concierge

We offer a suite of family office services designed to enhance our clients’ personalized wealth management experiences and support their day-to-day needs. Our services concentrate on alleviating the burden and complexities of lifestyle management, recordkeeping and expense management.
We leverage customizable resources and solutions to give clients a comprehensive view of their allocations and investments. Additionally, we offer secure document storage through the eMoney Client Portal.

• Balance Sheet Preparation
• Consolidated and Aggregated Reporting
• Cash Flow Reporting
• Document Storage

From tracking spending to analyzing expenses, we provide clients with the support and resources to help them understand their finances and habits. Additionally, we offer services that facilitate the processing of mail and bill pay to help clients manage their finances.

• Cash Flow Analysis and Monitoring
• Bill Paying
• Budgeting

We understand that significant wealth can produce complications. We work with clients and their families to help them uphold their values and plan for the future.

• Family Governance
• Personal Banking
• Travel Planning
• Lifestyle Concierge

We help clients explore real estate investment and funding opportunities while maintaining a focus on their financial objectives and long-term goals.

• Investment Property Consulting
• Lending and Mortgage Consulting 
• Property Management Assistance